Snippet Email Course Info Electrical Competency Refresher

  • Todays Electrical Component is compiled around the EWRB Mandated Course Contents and complies with the provisions set out in the Electricity Act 1992, section 108 Competence Programmes
  • We will not be doing any practical testing, however the course emphasis will be on testing for safety as set out in section 8 of AS/NZS 3000, in AS/NZS 3017, the Electrical Safety Regulations, and the practical and theoretical basis for the testing we are required by law to perform
  • Please note that certificates are not issued to course attendees The EWRB will be advised of your course results by our Electrical Inspector once your course is completed
  • If you have any cultural considerations, personal beliefs, language concerns or physical conditions we need to be aware of, please let us know
  • Please bring a pen
  • As there is a practical component in the course, please wear appropriate clothing
  • Our General First Aid Kits and CPR Key Rings will be on display and available for sale at your course