Up to 12 People First Aid Kit


Compliant with the Department of Labour guidelines for the Workplace
Available as Contents Only, in a strong, mobile tool-box type container or in a metal wall cabinet



Crepe Bandage 5cm
Crepe Bandages 7.5cm
Triangular Bandage
Fabric Plasters
Dressing Strip 8cmx1m
Combine Dressings 10x9cm
Combine Dressings 20x20cm
Non-Stick Dressings 5×7.5cm
Non-Stick Dressings 10×7.5cm
Gauze Squares 7.5×7.5cm
Latex Gloves – Medium
Surgical Tape 2.5cm
Skin Closures 3x75mmCPR Shield
Thermal Blanket
Instant Cold Pack
Antiseptic Wipes
Eyewash/Irrigation Solution 30ml
Scissors – Rescue Shear 13cm
Tweezers S/S 9cm
Safety Pins
Splinter Probes Disposable
Information Pack – First Aid Booklet

Up to 12 People First Aid Kit Options

Contents Only7102C
Wall Cabinet7102W